10 Responses to Data Model of SAP Bill of Materials Explosion – download here

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  2. Simon Bates says:


    This is interesting. Can you dump out in Mega or Visio, or just a PDF?

    • silwoodblog says:

      Hi Simon

      Thanks for the interest.

      We can create the model in a range of things like ERwin and PowerDesigner. We can also export to certain versions of Visio.

      I believe Mega can import an ERwin file. I will see if I can find out which format and if you are interested I can send you the BOM model in that format.

  3. Anonymous says:


    What a powerful tool – I had not known of SAFYR – but this model is very complete as I would use it – key relationships, cardinality. Opened easily in PowerDesigner! Thank you for sharing some great technology! What a find to know about this… Scott Johnson, Data Profiling and Data Quality Consulting, Denver, CO, USA

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  6. Ken Bradshaw says:

    Can I import ERWin and Vsio ER Diagrams and associated Metadata into Safyr and then export the diagram(s) into Rochade?

  7. Gowri says:

    Hi Nick,
    None of the above links work, can you please report them

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